Virginia Department of Economic Development Recognizes Eastern Enclave Businesses in Manufacturing Day Celebration


MARTINSBOURG, West Virginia – On Wednesday, 20 companies and manufacturing partners from Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan counties were honored by the West Virginia Department of Economic Development and Eastern Development Authority agencies at a celebration of the Manufacturing day at the Purple Iris in Martinsburg.

Manufacturing Day, celebrated on the first Friday in October each year, is an opportunity to recognize manufacturing companies for their contribution to their local economies. In West Virginia, manufacturers account for 9.88% of the state’s total economic output and employ 6.44% of the workforce. In the Eastern Panhandle, the manufacturing sector is expected to produce the fastest rate of employment growth in the coming years, with a forecast of over 4% per year.

“A vibrant and growing manufacturing base is a big part of what makes our state’s economic future so exciting,” said Mitch Carmichael, secretary of the West Virginia Department of Economic Development. “Days like this are just one way we can recognize all the ways our manufacturers are helping move West Virginia forward.”

Manufacturers in West Virginia include companies in chemicals, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, primary metals, automotive components, manufactured products, wood products and more. Due to the state’s location and its reliable and skilled workforce in various industries, West Virginia continues to be a great location for manufacturing bases.

“West Virginia has the lowest turnover rate for manufacturing jobs in the country and this kind of stability and our favorable business climate attracts companies to come and invest in our state,” said the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Commerce. from West Virginia, Mike Graney.

From base polymers in cosmetics and window seals to finished products such as spark plugs, dishes, charcoal, and kitchen cabinets, many consumer products in the United States contain parts and components made in West Virginia.

“The manufacturing industry plays such an important role in West Virginia and Manufacturing Day was a great day for us to connect with handle makers in the East,” said Jim Linsenmeyer, Corporate Loyalty Representative for the West Virginia Department of Economic Development. “Building relationships through events like this is one of the ways we can help strengthen our businesses, which the West Virginia Department of Economic Development does best. ”

The event was sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Economic Development, Berkeley County Development Authority, Jefferson County Development Authority, and Morgan County Economic Development Authority.


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