The growth of regional distribution in economic development



If you receive your last minute gifts and supplies for the holiday season today, it is thanks to the hard work and hard work of our regional distribution and distribution centers.

Over the past year, supply chains and distribution have never been a more prevalent topic of discussion. For consumers, the effects of supply chain problems are felt in difficulties in purchasing products, shortages of materials and backorders of goods. For manufacturers, supply chain disruptions have taken their toll on sourcing raw materials to produce goods. Supply chains were already on shaky ground before the pandemic, but the underlying issues magnified during and after the pandemic.

More than ever, industry leaders and developers are focusing on potentially new or different strategies for managing their supply chains, including redesigning supply chains with new technologies, increasing their base of suppliers and the relocation or quasi-localization of operations in the United States.

As adjustments have taken place, the Texas Innovation Corridor’s advantageous location and favorable business climate have helped make the region a prime location for many of these companies. Today, the Texas Innovation Corridor is home to more than 240 supply chain related businesses, providing jobs for over 12,000 local workers and tax revenues that contribute to our region’s economic prosperity.

The Greater San Marcos Partnership (GSMP), which serves as the economic development organization for Hays and Caldwell counties, is focusing on regional distribution as a critical industry for these exact reasons. GSMP actively recruits new businesses and helps grow our existing employers to create new, well-paying jobs and substantial capital investments to advance our region’s economy through strategic initiatives that maximize the region’s economic competitiveness.

We have seen incredible results from this strategy for the region’s distribution and fulfillment industry operations, including significant investments from branded companies.

Leading companies such as Amazon have made significant investments in the region. Since joining the Texas Innovation Corridor in 2015, Amazon has become our number one employer with more than 5,000 jobs. Their footprint of four facilities in the towns of Kyle, Buda and San Marcos is a good example of the region’s strategic advantages.

Likewise, FedEx and Lowes have established 350,000 square feet of towing distribution facilities in Kyle, employing approximately 500 employees. Berry Aviation’s expansion to San Marcos and the wide variety of other logistics and distribution companies serving Hays and Caldwell counties complete the region’s growing distribution footprint.

None of this, of course, is by accident or coincidence.

As part of GSMP’s strategy, we are leveraging the region’s strategic location along the I-35 and SH 130 freeway networks to market Hays and Caldwell counties as a hub for logistics companies . We are also working with our workforce development partners to help build the skilled workforce necessary for these regional distributors to thrive in their operations.

As a regional team, we use relationships with the public, private and non-profit sectors of our community to make the Texas Innovation Corridor the most attractive place to do business. This winning formula has sparked unprecedented interest in our two counties and an incredibly bright future for our region.

When planning to place a last minute order or head to the store for the item you need, remember the local distributor who handles that order. GSMP will continue to do its economic development work to ensure these companies choose the Texas Innovation Corridor to create good jobs, new investment, and increased revenue from the tax base for our communities.

If you would like to play a role in our regional approach to economic development, we invite you to participate! Join one of our working groups at I’m always available to answer questions via email at [email protected] or Twitter @JasonGiulietti.

The GSMP team and I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Thank you.



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