Solar street lights for rural economic development in Togo



The French solar management company Sunna Design has won a $ 45 million contract for the supply and installation of solar street lights in rural areas of Togo.

The contract covers the supply and installation of 50,000 connected solar street lights in several thousand non-electrified rural villages. It also includes maintenance and associated services for 12 years as part of a public-private partnership.

The contract, financed by the Directorate General of the French Treasury, is part of the major CIZO project (switching on the light in the Mina language). The CIZO project aims to electrify 500,000 rural households, reaching approximately 1.5 million inhabitants of 1,000 villages.

The CIZO project is a pillar of Togo’s National Development Plan, aimed at ensuring universal access to electricity by 2030.

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Connected lighting is a key step for rural economic development

Public lighting networks have an impact on the living conditions of rural communities and can help strengthen their economies. It does this by facilitating the transport of people and goods, pedestrian traffic and night work. It can also drastically reduce the rates of road accidents and insecurity.

Solar street lights are a self-contained and resilient source of energy that enables proper streetlighting and connection service in off-grid areas. In Togo, where only 8% of the 8.3 million inhabitants are connected to the national grid, access to energy is a key factor for economic development.

Mila Aziable, Minister Delegate to the President for Energy and Mines said the partnership with Sunna Design reflects the need to make energy accessible to rural populations using sustainable solutions. “Having Sunna Design by our side and benefiting from its expertise in the field of solar lighting shows the importance of renewable energies in our national development policies, and sets the tone for the large-scale electrification project. CIZO. “

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Solar Street Lights Project Details

This particular project has already been tested in the field through a pilot project which has been operational since 2020. The pilot was financed by the FASEP fund of the General Directorate of the Treasury. The project will make it possible to continue the experiments in certain target areas by focusing on improving skills on the WiFi network to provide Internet access to the village via solar street lights.

Cina Lawson, Togolese Minister of Digital Economy and Technological Innovation: “This project will combine decentralized energy and broadband connectivity to provide both public lighting and Internet access to populations. It thus completes our vision of accelerating the convergence between energy and digital technology, which we will initiate by deploying optical fiber on the electrical network.

Solar street lights will be deployed in priority areas identified and studied through a survey of rural infrastructure. Sunna Design will also provide a transparent platform to monitor the implementation and performance of the solar solution. These data will be made available to public authorities, private and financial partners.



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