No stock shortage or price increase at Tết: companies, HCM Mairie



VIETNAM, December 31 –

A production line at a manufacturer for the vegetable oil joint-stock company Tường An. The company and others have started production plans to meet the growing demand for the upcoming Tết (Lunar New Year) festival. – Photo courtesy of Tường An Company

Thu Ngân HCM CITY – HCM City cooperates with companies, distributors and neighboring provinces to prepare the goods for the next Early (Lunar New Year), ensuring stable supply and prices, according to the city’s commerce ministry.

In a virtual forum on product supply and prices during Tết held on Tuesday, Bùi Tá Hoàng Vũ, director of the Department of Industrial Trade of HCM City, said that in the middle of the prevention of COVID-19, the market will not be as hectic as in previous years.

VÅ©, however, predicted that consumption during Early will increase slightly as many workers will stay in the city to take advantage Early due to the limited transport conditions caused by the pandemic.

And many of the city’s residents will stay at home instead of going abroad as they did in previous years, pushing up expenses for Early.

To meet demand, VÅ© said the department is cooperating with provinces, cities and businesses to ensure the supply of goods and is now ready to meet consumer demand in Early.

VÅ© said the city’s businesses have allocated VN 19 trillion to prepare for Early.

In addition, to ensure stable prices over the Lunar New Year, the city has been working with companies that will spend more than VN 7 trillion to store goods for the holidays. Thanks to this, the prices will be stable for about a month before and after Early.

Lý Kim Chi, President of the HCM City Food Association, confirmed that while facing challenges from the pandemic as well as rising commodity prices, “our members have made tremendous progress in securing prices and a stable supply during the Lunar New Year holidays. “.

Businesses are ready

Joining hands with the city, HCM City businesses have announced they are ready to Early. The preparation of the biggest festival of the year has been going on for months with the main aim of bringing diverse products to the market at stable prices.

Tường An vegetable oil limited company reported a 30 percent increase in production to meet demand for the Lunar New Year period.

Mentioning the increase, the company cited the FMCG report which predicted that purchasing power would increase two to three times to Early compared to normal days.

“2021 has been a year with many memorable events due to the fourth wave of COVID, which impacted all aspects of social and economic life. We have started Early planning in early October to meet demand, ”said Bùi Thanh Tùng, General Manager of Tường An.

Tùng said News from Việt Nam this supply will increase by 30 percent year over year with products diversified to meet the demand of business partners and individual consumers.

Mondelez Kinh Đô said Early is always an important and special holiday for all Vietnamese. This year Early the season is all the more special as it ends a year of difficulties and fluctuations. While there are still a lot of worries and uncertainties caused by the pandemic, everyone will still want to make sense. Early vacations with loved ones.

Understanding the difficulties faced by small businesses over the past year, the company is implementing a program to help them strengthen their image and appearance on social media.

The program will help stores attract more shoppers, and at the same time, consumers will have easier access to the stores they need.

Mondelez Kinh Đô’s support is aimed at small traditional businesses and business households specializing in products for Tết. Leveraging a digital platform with media initiatives through geographic and contextual targeting, different personalized store banners will reach consumers over the course of their Early journey.

Through the campaign, it is expected that more than 1,000 business stores will be supported and more than 20 million potential customers nationwide will be reached.

The company said its Early products are now featured early on major online shopping channels such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, Grab and nationwide supermarkets, convenience stores and grocery stores.

“Right after the moon cake season, we started to prepare for the ramp-up of production for the Early season because the demand from our distributors for Mondelez Kinh Đô products is strong. Consumers will find our 40 new products this year in more than 200,000 physical locations in all provinces or they will be able to purchase our products through major online channels such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada and Grab ”, said Hemant Rupani, General Manager by Mondelez Kinh Đô Vietnam. .

“With the impact of COVID-19 on the pockets of consumers in mind, we have built a variety of value choices in our portfolio that remind us to keep our hopes up during these difficult times. We will also be actively working with our smaller retail partners. to help them grow their businesses through digital interventions, ”Rupani said.

In Tuesday’s virtual meeting, Phạm Thị Huân, chairman of Ba Huân company, said the stored volume reached 90% of demand for Early.

The holidays will not miss, she confirmed.

Vissan’s deputy manager, Phạm Văn DÅ©ng, said his company would prepare 2,800 tonnes of meat, up 4% from the previous year. The volume of processed foods is 4,200 tonnes, up 6% from the same period last year.

With this volume, the company is committed to providing sufficient supply for the city as well as the country, he said. VNS



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