Delhi businessman detained for faking his economic status to get his son admitted to the best school


A Delhi-based businessman has been arrested by police after using false information to secure a place for his son in Delhi’s Sanskrit school.

Gaurav Goel forged his economic status and address in order to convince the authorities of his poverty and even provided fake EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) certificates, proof of residence and income tax declaration documents.

Interestingly, Goel’s plan appears to be exactly similar to the plot of the Bollywood movie, Middle Hindi, with Irrfan Khan.

Goel, a resident of Jawahar Nagar, listed the slums of Sanjay camp as an address in the documents and reported his income of 67,000 rupees as annual income.

But this is not the first time that Goel has done something like this. Earlier in 2013, Goel provided false documents and had his other son admitted to the same school using the EWS reservation quota. Her eldest son studied at school for 5 years without paying any fees.

The school suspected foul play after Goel asked the school administration to change its address to Safdarjung Enclave, a posh colony in Delhi.

The administration informed the police of the case and filed an FIR against the businessman. Police, after investigation, discovered that Goel lied to the administration to take advantage of the quota.

DCP Madhur Verma said, “In 2013 they got EWS papers and deposited 67,000 as annual income. But the documents also showed that he filed a 4.5 lakh tax return. However, upon admission, he had demonstrated that he was an employee of the center.

Goel has various businesses and also owns an MRI center. The businessman has even traveled to 20 countries around the world.

Her eldest son, a grade 3 student, was ordered to leave school by school authorities.

Meanwhile, India Today visited the house in Sanjay camp where Goel claimed he had lived to find an elderly lady with her son and husband. They said they had been staying there since the 1980s.

Others remaining in the cluster said that they had applied for school enrollment under the SAP to have their children admitted, but were rejected every year.

One parent said, “I try to get my daughter admitted every year, but it never happens. Just because this man was rich, he managed to give his children a quality education. Is this the state of our system where the poor will continue to suffer? “

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